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Poem of the Seasons

-Bibhav Sharma
Storrs Mansfield, CT
Grade 7, Mansfield Middle School


Fall has come and the leaves are changing
As the cold comes, we better start bathing.
Leaves changing color, orange and yellow
Love staying inside to play my very own cello.


Windy nights fill the air
I stay warm with all of my hair.
Nights so cold, let’s go inside
Therefore, I need to hide.
Enormous amounts of snow
Really makes the whole state glow.


Showers and flowers make up Spring
Picnic time! Remember what to bring!
Roses are now blooming
It’s time to see what the rain is doing!
Never-ending rain helps this season
Go outside, don’t worry it’s not freezing’.


Summer has come, it’s time to be with family
Under the sun, on the beach, staying happily.
Magnificent adventures every day
Marking new places, all near the bay.
Enormous buildings to go to
Racing to each place to get a good view.


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