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Parents’ Sacrifices

Nita Basnet, UCONN, First Year

What does our future encompass? Every day we work so hard to create a better future for ourselves, but we should not forget those who work harder to ensure a better future for us, our parents. Our parents have made so many sacrifices in order to provide us with a better future. They packed their entire lives into four suitcases and crossed the “seven seas” to come to America. As cheesy as that sounds, it’s true. Imagine what it must have taken for them to leave behind their careers, their family, their routine and comfort to move to a whole new country to ensure a better future for their children. Our parents were living comfortable lifestyles in Nepal; many of our parents were teachers, bankers, business owners, etc. They were well-off in Nepal, yet they came here and had to start from the bottom again just so that their children could have opportunities that they didn’t have. It was a drastic change for them, and they had to confront many obstacles in the process with language barrier being just one of the many. Yet, they made it through all of those obstacles for the sake of their children. When my family first came to America, I was four and a half years old and too young to remember what hardships my parents had to go through. However, as I get older and think about everything they must’ve had to face, it makes me feel even more grateful for what they’ve done. I believe that all of the immigrant kids in my generation and the generations to come will realize how much their parents have done for them, just like I have. So to all the kids, be grateful for all that you have right now. And to the parents, thank you; we wouldn’t be here without your sacrifices.


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