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My Life and Death

Netralal Pandey
West Hartford, CT US

I’m the battery
Probably made in such factory
That I do not know yet
Where I came from
As a battery’s positive & negative end
My mouth and mind is the plus
The anus is the minus
Frequently charged and discharged,
With mysterious cosmic power
Two outer eyes are my bulbs
Through which
The material world evolves
The third eye, if there is one!
Which is not opened yet
But the inner light,
That I generate
Has never been broad enough to understand
That is spread within the very narrow circle
Beyond that, Darkness is infinite
Science is still a dwarf
It has not reached and touched the level
Of eternal spirituality
Rod is my backbone
Consequently, I look vertical
But neither can I walk
Nor can I jump
I am just a pump
Inhaling, exhaling
Exhaling, inhaling
The air I breathe
Seems always vacant
To fill that space in this worldly empire
Has been widely seen
The scenes of vampires
In a very minuscule of time
That I call my Life
I’m thrown and taken away
Assuming to be alive
I am no one and alone
I think I’m a useless bone
The birth that which is given by one hand
And always being seized
By the other hand
Of the Almighty Supreme power
Neither have I practiced
The lesson of past
Nor have I lived at present
Nor am I cautious towards the future
Just living in an illusion
I am being rolled and rolled
For the frivolous fantasy of fightings
Like the vehicle of an uncertain life
And dove into the limitless end
What are birth and death?
Or is it a recurring race?
I am not awakened to the truth
The goal that I am is always left unfulfilled
Lastly, where I will go
Never dear, never I know.

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